Hello, I’m Tim Ball.

Being a graphic artist had never even been on my radar. Growing up in a conservative household in Cincinnati, OH I was certainly never exposed to anything aesthetic or visually enlightening or stimulating outside of the occasional graffiti riddled train car, a film, or a grade school art class. In fact, I had only ever shown any real favor or talent in art doing school projects as a child. As a high school student, I was determined to become an architect and studied auto-CAD and structural *YAWN* engineering for nearly four years. If it had not been for an outbreak of ‘senior-itis’ my senior year, I feel I might have trudged through several more years of difficult and diligent study. I did, rather, dash all of those notions and chased far more exciting and fun coursework including photography, ceramics, painting, and drawing! It was there, in an art class, that an art school recruiter planted the bug of a career in graphic design into my mind. At that point, I had not even looked into applying for college! As they say, all things happen for a reason and due to my own teenage laziness and lack of preparation, I hastily applied to a local art school that specialized in Graphic Arts. Learning from a hand-drawn, analog method all the way up through the digital realm. I had never even owned a computer growing up, let alone be designing on one in what was now known to be the brink of the “web 2.0” revolution. Almost two decades later, I look back on the years since the first day of school and the joy the road has been. I do absolutely feel that I am doing what I love for a living. That is not something a lot of people get to say, and I definitely consider myself very lucky to have found my calling.

In my tenure as a graphic designer I utilize a fervent passion for design and apply a straightforward objective to all projects:

Make the complex, simple. Make the simple, elegant.

I hold fast to this mantra to provide satisfaction and ease to the sometimes daunting graphic design experience. I am happy to assist in reaching this ultimate goal and delivering a product of the highest quality, ownership, and of course elegance.

When I am not burning the creative juices as a freelance graphic designer, now based in Girdwood, Alaska, I might be found imbibing in my second passion talking beer and pouring beer as a happy employee of the Girdwood Brewing Company! Or enjoying a myriad of outdoor pursuits one can easily slip into in Alaska. I, like many here in Alaska, fell in love upon first sight of the endlessly amazing place that is Alaska and being able to call Girdwood home is truly a humbling and blessed feeling. When asked “What keeps you all of the way up here being from Cincinnati, OH?”  My best answer is to simply draw a breath and casually point out one of the windows of the brewery. The environment and adventure of this place are enough to take anyone’s heart and I find myself forever wrapped in the warm embrace of it.